drawing of logo of two swans in natural unpainted wood with necks intertwined, titled Rand Jack, Woodworker

 Bird carvings life size in natural unpainted hardwood are the specialty of Rand Jack, bird carving artist of Deming, Washington. Custom life size bird carvings on commission are available of any species in a variety of polished hardwood that dramatically show the beautiful patterns of the grain.

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 In the photograph on the right, Rand Jack is shown in his studio putting the final touches on the feet of a Great Blue Heron. Handcrafted details are a hallmark of Rand Jack's work.

Bird carving studio, Rand Jack at work on one of his life size unpainted hardwood bird carvings

All carvings on this site are life size unless otherwise noted. Contact Rand Jack for pricing and availability.

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Green panel titled, Rand Jack's Gallery of Birds, panel linked to gallery of life size unpainted hardwood bird carvings

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Brown panel with two native American style masks linked to Rand Jack's gallery of Native American Style Carvings

The Treehouse That Jack Built

Custom carvings may be ordered on commission by contacting the artist personally. If you are interested in availability and pricing, please contract Rand at the e-mail address below or write to him at his studio address in Deming, Washington. He will be happy to discuss with you which woods are available and how the carving may be done.

Prices for life size bird carvings in natural unpainted hardwood vary greatly according to the variety of the wood, the size, and the complexity of the carving. Custom bird carvings on commission may take as long as several months to complete. If you wish to leave a phone number in your e-mail, Rand will call you at your convenience.

Rand Jack, Woodworker
5790 Schornbush Road
Deming, WA 98224

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prices, or custom work will be answered. Commercial solicitations,
personal e-mail, and requests for technical advice will be filtered out.

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