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Raven. Photograph by Lee Karney,
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Raven Headpiece by Rand Jack of Bellingham, Washington

Probably the most intelligent of birds, the raven is central to the mythology of Pacific Northwest coast Native Americans.

Known as "Raven", this spirit-being was a powerful, supernatural creator and trickster. To break the monotony of his day, Raven created the first people by coaxing them from a giant clamshell found on the beach. Because the people were helpless, he made for them the sun, moon, stars, salmon, and cedar.

Leaf from old growth yellow cedar
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The cedar that was used as the model for the framework of Rand Jack's 14K gold Raven Pendant came from the ancient Canyon Lake Creek Community Forest in northwest Washington, where the 1,000-year-old yellow cedar trees predate the Crusades.